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  Lycopene, Vitamin E Slow Prostate Tumor Growth in Mice

The combination of vitamin E and lycopene -- the chemical that gives tomatoes their rich, red color -- may significantly inhibit the growth of prostate tumors, a new study finds. 

Past studies have found that lycopene consumption tends to lessen a man's risk of prostate cancer. This was confirmed by Dutch researchers at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, Who found that the growth of more than half of the prostate tumors grown in mice were suppressed, the scientists said in a statement.

Even more impressive, when  low-dose lycopene was combined with vitamin E, the growth of 73 percent of the prostate tumors was inhibited, the researchers found.  Study leader Dr. Jacqueline Limpens said that while the early results of the mouse study seemed promising, they must be confirmed among men.  In the meantime, men should be encouraged to regularly eat foods rich in these ingredients, including processed tomato products, papayas, watermelon, wheat germ, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, nuts and olive oils, she said.