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Sometimes additional support is needed in the form of specialty pillows, lumbar support belts, lumbar pillows, etc.  

We carry Tricore®, Foot Levelers® and Tempurpedic® orthopedic pillows, as well as a variety of additional support items.  We will special order other products for our patients as needed, including the full line of Tempurpedic® bedding supplies.



Since specialty supports are provided for individual needs, prices for each person's requirements vary.  Dr. Avard would be happy to discuss your particular case and needs with you.


Specialty/Orthopedic Pillows

The Tri-Core pillow from Core Products is absolutely the highest quality cervical pillow available today. Because the Tri-Core is filled with DuPont Dacron Hollofil II, the premier pillow fiber available today, it is now possible to enjoy all of the comfort of a top line bed pillow with the positive advantages of proper neck support. Designed for either back or side sleeping, the Tri-Core is so comfortable that we're sure you will sleep on it every night. Sold by doctors across the country for patients with neck pain. The Tri-Core pillow is 24"x16" in size

Core® Tri-Core Pillow™  tricore2.jpg (5650 bytes)

Foot Levelers’ cervical support pillows offer four-way support to suit your individual condition and build. They’re perfect for both side- and back-lying resting positions.Adaptable Therapeutic Edge™ of UltraCel™ foam conforms to head and neck for gentle corrective support.  The Pillo-Pedic Ultra™ is perfect for most patients with whiplash, tension headaches, arthritis, other neck and shoulder problems.

PilloPedicUltra.jpg (20475 bytes)Pillo-Pedic Ultra®

Tempurpedic® products are made of a revolutionary temperature-sensitive foam that contours to your body to relieve pressure points while providing optimum support for your spine.