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Current Newsletter   "Calcium -- Not Just For Bones"
         Page 1  Calcium Overview
         Page 2 
Calcium, Colon Cancer & High Blood Pressure Daily Calcium Requirements
         Page 3 
"How About Coral Calcium or Antacids", "Muscle Aches and Cramps"
         Page 4 
"Which Calcium is Best?"
         Page 5  Calcium for a strong immune system. Deficiencies. Lifestyle needs.
         Page 6  Osteoporosis
Frequently Asked Questions 
         ?  What is Chiropractic?
               ?  What kind of education does a Chiropractor have?
               ?  Is Chiropractic care safe?
               ?  Is Chiropractic care effective?
               ?  Is Chiropractic care expensive?
               ?  Who can receive Chiropractic care?
               ?  Will I need X-rays?
               ?  How long will I have to be under care?
               ?  Could I become addicted to Chiropractic?
               ?  Couldn't I just "crack" my own back/neck?
               ?  Can a Chiropractor treat someone after back surgery?

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           Ronald A. Avard, D.C.
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                     Standard Process Laboratories
                                   Colostrum from New Life/Symbiotics
                                   TryptoZen for Stress and Anxiety

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