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Manchester, NH Schools 


Dr. Avard has been named as the new Chairman of the Building and Sites Committee to replace the former chairman, Arthur Beaudry, who will continue to serve on the committee. Committeeman Beaudry will serve as the new Chairman of the Information and Technology Committee.

Dr. Avard has also been named to the Joint Building and Sites Committee, the Coordination Committee, and the  Information and Technology Committee. 

Dr. Avard looks forward to this new term as the Ward 10 Representative to the Manchester Board of School Committee.


Upcoming events

Coffee With The School Board

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Your Voice on the Board

As the Ward 10 Representative to the Manchester, NH Board of School Committee, Dr. Avard is proud to be your voice to the leaders of the Queen City and is dedicated to keeping you informed about the happenings in our school system.

Feel free to contact me at any time at 623-2800.



Seeing Them For Ourselves

Dr. Avard has joined a few of his fellow board members in personally touring the schools of our district.

To date, he has visited all 23 kindergarten, elementary, middle and high schools, as well as the Manchester School of Technology.

These tours have been educational and enlightening for all those involved.  There is no better way to learn about the needs and accomplishments of our schools and students than to visit with the teachers, aids, administration and students in the classroom setting.

Dr. Avard looks forward to repeating these tours and developing further initiatives to stay in contact with the residents, students and leaders of Manchester.